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Analysis with an Introduction to Proof 5th Edition,. Lay

Analysis with an Introduction to Proof 5th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Steven R. Lay helps fill in the groundwork students need to succeed in real analysis—often considered the most difficult course in the undergraduate curriculum. Some proofs have been simplified and there are several new examples and illustrations.

By introducing logic and emphasizing the structure and nature of the arguments used, this text helps students move carefully from computationally oriented courses to abstract mathematics with its emphasis on proofs. Clear expositions and examples, helpful practice problems, numerous drawings, and selected hints/answers make this text readable, student-oriented, and teacher- friendly.

More than 100 practice problems throughout the text provide a simple problem for students to apply what they have just read. Answers are provided just prior to the exercises for reinforcement and for students to check their understanding. Exceptionally high-quality drawings illustrate key ideas.

Numerous examples and more than 1,000 exercises give the breadth and depth of practice that students need to learn and master the material. Fill-in-the-blank proofs guide students in the art of writing proofs. Glossary of Key Terms at the end of the book includes 180 key terms with the meaning and page number where each is introduced, providing an invaluable reference when studying, or for future courses.

Review of Key Terms after each section emphasizes the importance of definitions and language in mathematics and helps students organize their studying. The definition of a convergent sequence has been changed to include the more traditional requirement that the number limiting the indices should be a natural number (rather than a real number). This emphasizes the Archimedean property of the real number.

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