Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Introduction to Topology: Pure and Applied, Colin Adams

Introduction to Topology: Pure and Applied PDF Download Ebook. Colin Adams and Robert Franzosa describe the basics of point-set topology with the understanding of its real-world application to a variety of other subjects including science, economics, engineering, and other areas of mathematics.

This book introduces topology as an important and fascinating mathematics discipline to retain the readers interest in the subject. Written in an accessible way for readers to understand the usefulness and importance of the application of topology to other fields, this book introduces topology concepts combined with their real-world application to subjects such DNA, heart stimulation, population modeling, cosmology, and computer graphics.

Author covers topics including knot theory, degree theory, dynamical systems and chaos, graph theory, metric spaces, connectedness, and compactness. It is useful reference for readers wanting an intuitive introduction to topology. Numerous figures allow students to visualize and understand the material presented.

The authors focus on the basic concepts of topology and their utility using real-world applications. Applications cover a wide variety of disciplines, including molecular biology, digital image processing, robotics, population dynamics, medicine, economics, synthetic chemistry, electronic circuit design, and cosmology.

Intuitive and accessibly written text, this book offers rigorous presentation of the mathematics with intuitive descriptions and discussions to increase student understand. Examples of real world application keep students engrossed in the material.

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