Thursday, May 9, 2013

College Algebra: Graphs and Models 5th Edition, Bittinger

College Algebra: Graphs and Models 5th Edition. Marvin L. Bittinger, Judith A Beecher, David J. Ellenbogen and Judith Penna focus on visualization and technology. These books continue to maintain the features that have helped students succeed for years: focus on functions, visual emphasis, side-by-side algebraic and graphical solutions, and real-data applications.

With the Fifth Edition, visualization is taken to a new level with technology, and students find more ongoing review. In addition, ongoing review has been added with new Mid-Chapter Mixed Review exercise sets and new Study Guide summaries to help students prepare for tests.

Functions are introduced in Chapter 1, so that students start the course with a new topic rather than a review of equation-solving that was covered in previous math courses. Students come to understand the concept of a function by being exposed repeatedly to the language, notation, and use of functions throughout the text. Graphs are used frequently to provide a visual component to solving equations and inequalities.

The visual approach of the authors enables students to “see the math” and quickly make connections between concepts. Visualizing the Graph exercises help develop students’ ability to make the mental link between different types of equations and their corresponding graphs. In addition to the full-page feature within the chapters, a unique exercise-type asks students to match equations with their graphs.

Chapter Openers begin with an application relevant to the content of the chapter, helping students see how math plays a role in normal life. Collaborative Discussion and Writing Exercises are perfect for group or class work; by verbalizing math ideas, students gain a deeper understanding of the concepts. Skill Maintenance Exercises ensure that students are familiar with all basic skills and procedures.

Sample homework assignments are pre-selected by authors for each section. They are indicated in the Annotated Instructor’s Edition by a blue underline within each end-of-section exercise set. These homework sets are assignable in MyMathLab.

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