Thursday, May 30, 2013

Discrete Mathematics by Kevin Ferland

Discrete Mathematics PDF Download Ebook. Kevin Ferland combines a balance of theory and applications with mathematical rigor and an accessible writing style. The author uses a range of examples to teach core concepts, while corresponding exercises allow students to apply what they learn.

Throughout the text, engaging anecdotes and topics of interest inform as well as motivate learners. The text is ideal for one- or two-semester courses and for students who are typically mathematics, mathematics education, or computer science majors. Part I teaches student how to write proofs; Part II focuses on computation and problem solving. The second half of the book may also be suitable for introductory courses in combinatorics and graph theory.

CL MATHSpace encompasses the interactive online products and services integrated with Houghton Mifflin mathematics programs. CL MATHSpace content--including PowerPoint slides and practice tests--can be accessed at any time through text-specific Student and Instructor Websites. Unique among similar texts, Part I features proofs as its central topic--taking the approach that basic set theory is the best area in which to first learn how to write proofs.

Extensive applications cover a broad range of topics and appeal to diverse student interests, while the depth and quantity of exercises meet instructor needs. Challenging problems are highlighted throughout the text to provide flexible assignment options. Hundreds of worked-out examples and highly appealing presentations capture and maintain student interest.

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