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Elementary Linear Algebra 7th Edition, Ron Larson

Elementary Linear Algebra 7th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Ron Larson balances theory with examples, applications, and geometric intuition for a complete, step-by-step learning system. Featuring a new design that highlights the relevance of the mathematics and improves readability, the book also incorporates new conceptual Capstone exercises that reinforce multiple concepts in each section. Data and applications reflect current statistics and examples to engage users and demonstrate the link between theory and practice.

Coverage of Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) includes an online technology guide. Appendix B--also available online--offers an introduction to MATLAB, Maple, Mathematica, and Graphing Calculators; a walkthrough of the keystrokes needed for select examples; an applications section; and "Technology Pitfalls" students may encounter in using their CAS.

All real data in the exercises and examples has been updated to reflect current statistics and information. Many new exercises have been added to the text as well. Learning objectives are available at the beginning of every section and online at the student website for quick reference and/or review.

Guided Proofs help students successfully complete theoretical proofs by leading them, step-by-step, through the logical sequence of statements necessary to reach the correct conclusion. Pedagogical support--including self-assessment tools, review sections, and writing activities--allows students to check their understanding of each section and helps them develop critical thinking skills.

Enhanced WebAssign engages students with immediate feedback and rich tutorial content to help them develop a deeper conceptual understanding of their subject matter. Students have access to an interactive eBook offering links to YouTube videos, video solutions, and more to bring the mathematics to life. You can build online assignments by selecting from thousands of text-specific problems, supplemented with problems from any Cengage Learning textbook.

A new, more student-friendly design includes a greater number of images that make content more relevant for students. The trim size and font size in the exercise sets have been increased, making the text easier for students to read.

To motivate students by emphasizing the relevance of the content, each chapter opener contains a list of sections, five photos with references to applications, and an arrow indicating the section in which each application appears.

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