Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World 5e, Larson

Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World 5th Edition Ron Larson and Betsy Faber describe most accessible approach to statistics with more than 750 graphical displays that illustrate data, readers are able to visualize key statistical concepts immediately. Adhering to the philosophy that students learn best by doing, this book relies heavily on examples–25% of the examples and exercises are new for this edition.

Authors continue to demonstrate that statistics is all around us and that it’s easy to understand. Uses and Abuses in every chapter use a full page to summarize the applications of chapter concepts, along with descriptions of common misuses. Each “Abuse” is accompanied by exercises. In addition, there is also a discussion of ethical issues.

Applet Activities encourage investigation of concepts in the lesson with exercises that ask students to draw conclusions. The 14 applets included on the text CD-ROM and within MyStatLab™ are an excellent way for students to manipulate data and interact with concepts. Graphical approach: more than 750 graphical displays are strategically placed throughout the text to illustrate the data and reduce unnecessary wordiness. As a result, students visually grasp the story told by the data.

The exposition strikes a balance among computation, decision making, and conceptual understanding, as endorsed by GAISE recommendations. The book is split into four Parts. At the conclusion of each Part, there is a set of cumulative exercises. These exercises cover multiple topics to ensure comprehension of important concepts and allow students to practice choosing the right technique to implement.

Examples are titled and numbered for easy reference, and illustrate every concept in the text. Using and Interpreting Concepts are skill-based or word problems that emphasize critical thinking. Extending Concepts are more challenging and go beyond the material presented in the current section.

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