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Intermediate Algebra 6th Edition by Elayn Martin-Gay

Intermediate Algebra 6th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Elayn Martin-Gay focuses on students and what they need to be successful. Author is known for her accessible writing style and for the depth of resources she provides for instructors and students in her texts. Detailed step-by-step examples provide guidance for students.

Classroom Examples, paired with each example in the text, are available in the Annotated Instructor’s Edition for additional instructor support. Concept Checks throughout the text allow students to gauge their grasp of an idea as it is presented in the text. By stressing conceptual understanding at point-of-use, the Concept Checks help prevent misconceived notions for important topics.

All exercise sets have been carefully updated with this revision. Several special types of exercises throughout the text give students the practice they need: new Vocabulary, Readiness and Video Checks (see New-to-Edition section for more information); Guided Applications (see New-to-Edition section for more information); Mixed Practice; Concept Extension; and more!

Martin-Gay’s presentation of Study Skills ensures that students make the most of their valuable study time in order to help them succeed in this course. In-text study skills resources include Section 1.1, Tips for Success in Mathematics and the new Student Resources section located in the back of the book. End-of-chapter material offers students a wealth of review- and retention-oriented material to reinforce the concepts presented in current and previous chapters.

Guided application exercises offer prompts for setting up the problem and getting started with the solution process. These guided exercises help students prepare to solve application exercises on their own, and appear in a number of places throughout the text. The Student Resources section, located in the back of the text, gives students a variety of tools that are conveniently located in one place to help them achieve success in math.

Study Skills Builders give students tips and suggestions on making the most out of their valuable time. These cover all aspects of the learning process, from class notes to homework. The Bigger Picture—Study Guide Outline covers key concepts of the course—simplifying expressions and solving equations and inequalities—to help students transition from thinking section-by-section to thinking about how the material fits into mathematics as a whole. This outline provides a model for students on how to organize and develop their own study guide.

The Practice Final Exam helps students prepare for the end-of-the-course exam. Students can also watch Elayn Martin-Gay work through the step-by-step solutions to all the Practice Final Exam exercises on the new Interactive DVD Lecture Series and in MyMathLab. Answers to Selected Exercises allow students to check their answers for all odd-numbered section exercises.

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