Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Numerical Mathematics and Computing 7th Edition, Cheney

Numerical Mathematics and Computing 7th Edition PDF Download Ebook. E. Ward Cheney and David R. Kincaid show students of science and engineering the potential computers have for solving numerical problems and give them ample opportunities to hone their skills in programming and problem solving.

This book also helps students learn about errors that inevitably accompany scientific computations and arms them with methods for detecting, predicting, and controlling these errors. Computer codes and other material are now included on the text website--giving you and your students easy access without tedious typing. Matlab, Mathematica, and Maple computer codes and the ¿Overview of Mathematical Software appendix are all now available online.

Because concrete codes and visual aids are helpful to every reader, the authors have added even more figures and numerical examples throughout the text--ensuring students gain solid understanding before advancing to new topics. Completely updated, the new edition includes new sections and material on such topics as the modified false position method, the conjugate gradient method, Simpsons method, and more.

Citation to recent references reflects the latest developments from the field. Reorganized and revamped, new appendices offer a wealth of supplemental material, including advice on good programming practices, coverage of numbers in different bases, details on IEEE floating-point arithmetic, and discussions of linear algebra concepts and notation.

The first two chapters in the previous edition on Mathematical Preliminaries, Taylor Series, Oating-Point Representation, and Errors have been combined into a single introductory chapter to allow instructors and students to move quickly. Some sections and material have been re-moved from the new edition such as the introductory section on numerical integration. Some material and many bibliographical items have been moved from the textbook to the website.

The two chapters, in the previous edition, on Ordinary Differential Equations have been combined into one chapter. Many of the pseudocodes from the text have been programmed in MATLAB, Mathematica, and Maple and appear in the website so that they are easily accessible. More figures and numerical examples have been added.

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