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Statistics 12th Edition by James T. McClave and Sinich

Statistics 12th Edition PDF Download Ebook. James T. McClave and Terry Sinich offer a trusted, comprehensive introduction to statistics that emphasizes inference and integrates real data throughout. The authors stress the development of statistical thinking, the assessment of credibility, and value of the inferences made from data.

The Twelfth Edition infuses a new focus on ethics, which is critically important when working with statistical data. Chapter Summaries have a new, study-oriented design, helping students stay focused when preparing for exams. Data, exercises, technology support, and Statistics in Action cases are updated throughout the book.

This book develops statistical thinking and teaches students to properly assess the credibility of inferences–from the vantage point of both the consumer and the producer. This edition incorporates more exercises and more visual features, such as redesigned end-of-chapter summaries and an increased use of applets. This text assumes a mathematical background of basic algebra.

Visual End-of-Chapter Summaries feature flow graphs for selecting the appropriate statistical method, as well as boxed notes with key words, formulas, definitions, lists, and key concepts. This graphical presentation is especially helpful to those students who are visual learners, but it all students by summarizing and reinforcing the important points from the chapter. “Hands-On” Activities for Studentsin each chapter offer opportunities to participate in hands-on classroom activities, ranging from real data collection to formal statistical analysis. These optional activities, based on key concepts and procedures in the chapter, can be performed individually or as a class.

Applet Exercises allow students to easily run simulations that demonstrate some of the more difficult statistical concepts (e.g., sampling distributions and confidence levels). Each chapter contains several optional applet exercises in the exercise sets, which are denoted with an Applet icon. These applets are located on the Data CD-ROM that is bound with every new copy of the book.

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