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Technical Mathematics with Calculus 6th Edition, Calter

Technical Mathematics with Calculus 6th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Paul A. Calter and Michael A. Calter continue to provide real-world, technical applications that promote intuitive reader learning. Numerous fully worked examples and boxed and numbered formulas give students the essential practice they need to learn mathematics.

Computer projects are given when appropriate, including BASIC, spreadsheets, computer algebra systems, and computer-assisted drafting. The graphing calculator has been fully integrated and calculator screens are given to introduce computations. Everything the technical student may need is included, with the emphasis always on clarity and practical applications.

This textbook has been in constant use since 1980, and this edition represents the first major revision of this text since the second edition. It was time to select, make hard choices of material, polish, refine, and fill in where needed. Much has been rewritten to be even cleaner and clearer, new features have been introduced, and some peripheral topics have been removed.

This edition contains a new chapter on statistics as well as a new section on straight line graphing. Many of the exercises have been revised to ensure they are scaffolded in difficulty level from easy to challenging. This is the feature most mentioned by reviewers, and has obvious benefits to students and instructors.

The technical applications provide motivation for the student and examples for an instructor who may not have a technical background. Additionally, an Index to Applications aids in finding applications in a particular field, such as electrical technology. Estimation shows a student whether an answer is reasonable or not reasonable. They show common pitfalls for both student and instructor and are flagged and boxed, wherever appropriate. Formulas used in the text are boxed and numbered, and listed in the Appendix as the Summary of Facts and Formulas.

Every chapter concludes with a section of optional enrichment activities. Many students are attracted to the magic and history of mathematics and welcome a guided introduction into this world. These writing questions aim to test and expand a student's knowledge of the material and perhaps explore areas outside of those covered in class while team projects foster "collaborative learning."

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