Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trigonometry 10th Edition by Lial, Hornsby and Schneider

Trigonometry 10th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Margaret Lial, John Hornsby, David I. Schneider and Callie Daniels give the conceptual understanding and the analytical skills necessary for success in mathematics. With the Tenth Edition, the authors adapt to the new ways in which students are learning, as well as the ever-changing classroom environment.

The exercise sets offer many new and modified exercises, with updated real life data throughout. Numbered and Example references within the text are set in the same font as the figure and bold print for the example, helping visual learners identify and connect them. The “drop down” style is used whenever appropriate to distinguish between simplifying expressions and solving equations.

Explanatory side comments are increased to guide students through the steps of simplifying and solving problems in the examples. Graphing calculator coverage is optional and may be omitted without loss of continuity. The authors stress that these devices can be useful as an aid to understanding, but that students must master the underlying mathematical concepts first.

Graphing calculator solutions are included for selected examples as appropriate. Graphing calculator notes and exercises are marked with an icon for easy identification and flexibility. Cautions and Notes boxes throughout the text give students warnings of common errors and emphasize important ideas.

Looking Ahead to Calculus offers glimpses of how the algebraic topics currently being studied are used in calculus. These notes can be found in the margins of the text in key places. Connections boxes provide connections to the real world or to other mathematical concepts, historical backgrounds, and thought-provoking questions for writing, class discussion, or group work.

Chapter Openers provide a motivating application topic that is tied to the chapter content, plus a list of sections and any quizzes or summary exercises in the chapter. Full solutions to selected exercises are included at the back of the text for exercise numbers that are marked with a green square. There are three to five exercises per section and are chosen because they extend the skills and concepts presented in the examples.

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