Sunday, April 14, 2013

Algebra 2nd Edition by Michael Artin

Algebra 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Michael Artin provides comprehensive coverage at the level of an honors-undergraduate or introductory-graduate course. This text incorporates twenty years of feedback plus the author’s own teaching experience. This book discusses concrete topics of algebra in greater detail than others, preparing readers for the more abstract concepts; linear algebra is tightly integrated throughout.

High emphasis on concrete topics, such as symmetry, linear groups, quadratic number fields, and lattices, prepares students to learn more abstract concepts. The focus on these special topics also allows some abstractions to be treated more concisely, devoting more space to the areas students are the most interested in.

The chapter organization emphasizes the connections between algebra and geometry at the start, with the beginning chapters containing the content most important for students in other fields. To counter the fact that arithmetic receives less initial emphasis, the later chapters have a strong arithmetic slant. The discussion of the representations of SU2 is improved (Chapter 10). The chapter on Factorization has been split into two (now Chapters 12 and 13), with quadratic number fields appearing in the latter chapter.

Treatment beyond the basics sets this book apart from others. Students with a reasonably mature mathematical background will benefit from the relatively informal treatments the author gives to the more advanced topics. Content notes in the preface include teaching tips from the author’s own classroom experience. Challenging exercises are indicated with an asterisk, allowing instructors to easily create the right assignments for their class.

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