Friday, April 12, 2013

College Algebra 6th Edition by Robert F. Blitzer

College Algebra 6th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Robert F. Blitzer draws on his unique background in mathematics and behavioral science to present the full scope of mathematics with vivid applications in real-life situations. Students stay engaged because Blitzer often uses pop-culture and up-to-date references to connect math to students’ lives, showing that their world is profoundly mathematical.

Outstanding applications put learning into context for students. Blitzer creates intriguing applications that show students the relevance of math. Appealing to a wide range of interests and majors, Blitzer’s applications captivate students’ imagination with his passion for integrating math into the worlds of contemporary society, culture, art, and science.

Mid-Chapter Checkpoints contain a set of review exercises that allow students to review skills and concepts from several sections before the end-of-chapter exercises. Practice Plus Problems are more challenging problems that test conceptual understanding by requiring students to combine skills and to revisit key concepts in order to solve.

Cumulative Review Exercises at the end of each chapter ensure that students remember previously learned material, keeping the fundamental skills and concepts fresh in their minds as they move on to the next chapter. End-of-chapter tests cover all of the important topics in the chapter, helping students study for the real thing.

Integrated study aids help students make the most of their time outside of the classroom. Complex numbers and graphs and graphing utilities appear in Chapter 1. This early introduction allows students to apply their understanding of complex numbers to their work in solving quadratic equations, and sets the stage for using graphing to support the algebraic work in solving equations and inequalities.

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