Monday, April 29, 2013

Calculus 4th Edition by Michael Spivak

Calculus 4th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Michael Spivak combines leisurely explanations, a profusion of examples, a wide range of exercises and plenty of illustrations in an easy-going approach that enlightens difficult concepts and rewards effort. It is ideal for honors students and mathematics majors seeking an alternative to doorstop textbooks and more formidable introductions to real analysis.

Every aspect of this book was influenced by the desire to present calculus not merely as a prelude to but as the first real encounter with mathematics. Since the foundations of analysis provided the arena in which modern modes of mathematical thinking developed, calculus ought to be the place in which to expect, rather than avoid, the strengthening of insight with logic.

In addition to developing the students' intuition about the beautiful concepts of analysis, it is surely equally important to persuade them that precision and rigor are neither deterrents to intuition, nor ends in themselves, but the natural medium in which to formulate and think about mathematical questions.

This goal implies a view of mathematics which, in a sense, the entire book attempts to defend. No matter how well particular topics may be developed, the goals of this book will be realized only if it succeeds as a whole. For this reason, it would be of little value merely to list the topics covered, or to mention pedagogical practices and other innovations. Even the cursory glance customarily bestowed on new calculus texts will probably tell more than any such extended advertisement, and the teacher with strong feelings about particular aspects of calculus will know just where to look to see if this book fulfills his requirements.

A few features do require explicit comment, however. Of the twenty-nine chapters in the book, two (starred) chapters are optional, and the three chapters comprising Part V have been included only for the benefit of those students who might want to examine on their own a construction of the real numbers. Moreover, the appendices to Chapters 3 and 1 1 also contain optional material.

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