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Calculus Early Transcendentals 10th Edition, Howard Anton

Calculus Early Transcendentals 10th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Howard Anton, Irl C. Bivens and Stephen Davis fulfill the needs of a changing market by providing flexible solutions to teaching and learning needs of all kinds. The text continues to focus on and incorporate new ideas that have withstood the objective scrutiny of many skilled and thoughtful instructors and their students.

This 10th edition retains Anton's trademark clarity of exposition, sound mathematics, excellent exercises and examples, and appropriate level. Exercise sets have been modified to correspond more closely to questions in Wiley Plus. In addition, more WileyPLUS questions now correspond to specific exercises in the text.

New applied exercises have been added to the book and existing applied exercises have been updated. The authors' goal is to present precise mathematics to the fullest extent possible in an introductory treatment. Clear writing, effective pedagogy--including special exercises designed for self-assessment--and visual representations of the mathematics help students from a variety of backgrounds to learn.

Recognizing variations in learning styles, the authors take a "rule of four" approach, presenting concepts from the verbal, algebraic, visual, and numerical points of view to foster deeper understanding whenever appropriate. Anton provides thorough topic coverage organized to fit standard curricula and carefully-constructed exercise sets that users of previous editions have come to depend upon.

This edition is designed to serve a broad spectrum of calculus philosophies-from traditional to "reform." Technology can be emphasized or not, and the order of many topics can be adapted to accommodate each instructor's specific needs. Each exercise set begins with approximately five exercises (answers included) that are designed to provide the student with an immediate assessment of whether he or she has mastered key ideas from the section. They require a minimum of computation and can usually be answered by filling in the blanks.

Most sections include exercises that are designed to be solved using either a graphing calculator or a computer algebra system such as Mathematica, Maple, or Derive. These exercises are marked with an icon for easy identification. The book is written at a mathematical level that is suitable for students planning on careers in engineering or science.

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