Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Combinatorics Topics, Techniques, Algorithms by Peter Cameron

Combinatorics: Topics, Techniques, Algorithms PDF Download Ebook. Peter J. Cameron stresses common techniques (such as generating functions and recursive construction) that underlie the great variety of subject matter, and the fact that a constructive or algorithmic proof is more valuable than an existence proof.

The author emphasizes techniques as well as topics and includes many algorithms described in simple terms. The text should provide essential background for students in all parts of discrete mathematics. Combinatorics is a subject of increasing importance because of its links with computer science, statistics, and algebra.

This book gives number brief case studies. Its 18 chapters (not counting intro and closing) span a variety of interesting topics. Cameron doesn't write down to the reader - it takes serious thought and some mathematical background to get full value from the reading. The examples are nowhere near as concrete as you'd expect in a popularized version. Still, the author avoids opaque references to specialist terms, and keeps the text approachable.

The book is divided into two parts corresponding roughly to undergraduate material and graduate. The selection of topics is robust; the writing is clear and consise. The level is senior and above. The reader should have some knowledge of advanced math such as group theory, and analysis of algorithms.

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