Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Numerical Analysis 2nd Edition by Timothy Sauer

Numerical Analysis 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Timothy Sauer covers not only the standard topics but also some more advanced numerical methods being used by computational scientists and engineers—topics such as compression, forward and backward error analysis, and iterative methods of solving equations—all while maintaining a level of discussion appropriate for undergraduates.

Each chapter contains a Reality Check, which is an extended exploration of relevant application areas that can launch individual or team projects. MATLAB® is used throughout to demonstrate and implement numerical methods. The Second Edition features many noteworthy improvements based on feedback from users, such as new coverage of Cholesky factorization, GMRES methods, and nonlinear PDEs.

Chapter 0 (optional) provides students with the fundamental building blocks they will need in later chapters. The entire text is designed to move from elementary ideas to more sophisticated concepts to avoid sudden jumps in level.

Spotlights throughout the text highlight the five major ideas of Numerical Analysis. These spotlights comment on the topic at hand and make informal connections to other expressions of the same concept elsewhere in the book helping students connect what they already know to a new concept.

Reality Checks appear throughout the text to provide concrete examples of the way numerical methods lead to solutions of important technological problems showing students how numerical analysis applies to their lives.

Optional MATLAB® expositions are used throughout the text, giving students and instructors the ability to use a common computing language to solve all of the interface problems: data input/output, plotting, etc. in one fell swoop. Appendix B is a short MATLAB tutorial that can be used as a first introduction to students who have not used MATLAB, or as a reference to students already familiar with MATLAB.

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