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Numerical Analysis 9th Edition, Richard Burden and Faires

Numerical Analysis 9th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Richard L. Burden and J. Douglas Faires offer introduction to the theory and application of modern numerical approximation techniques for students taking a one- or two-semester course in numerical analysis. With an accessible treatment that only requires a calculus prerequisite, Burden and Faires explain how, why, and when approximation techniques can be expected to work, and why, in some situations, they fail.

A wealth of examples and exercises develop students' intuition, and demonstrate the subject's practical applications to important everyday problems in math, computing, engineering, and physical science disciplines. The first book of its kind built from the ground up to serve a diverse undergraduate audience, three decades later Burden and Faires remains the definitive introduction to a vital and practical subject.

Balances theory and methods to stake a wide middle ground between audiences who need to know the mathematics and audiences who only need to know the essential techniques. Flexible coverage to suit one- or two-semester courses and differing student levels, with careful attention paid to marking optional material and alternate paths for instructors. Specific instructions are given for Maple in limited cases where software-specific questions are absolutely required.

Language and software neutral programs in book are supported on companion website by specific program code for Maple, Mathematica, MATLAB, C, FORTRAN, Java, and Pascal to cover all technologies the majority of the market will use. Author website includes mid-cycle updates and additions to this program code to keep up with new software releases.

Virtually every concept in the text is illustrated by example, and this edition contains more than 2000 class-tested exercises ranging from elementary applications of methods and algorithms to generalizations and extensions of the theory. The exercise sets include many applied problems from diverse areas of engineering, as well as from the physical, computer, biological, and social sciences.

The design of the text gives instructors flexibility in choosing topics they wish to cover, selecting the level of theoretical rigor desired, and deciding which applications are most appropriate or interesting for their classes. Theory coverage emphasizes mathematical thought and is especially accessible for students who've optionally taken undergrad math foundations courses like Real Analysis or Transition to Advanced Math.

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