Thursday, May 16, 2013

Advanced Mathematical Concepts: Precalculus with Applications

Advanced Mathematical Concepts: Precalculus with Applications Student Edition PDF Download Ebook. McGraw-Hill provides comprehensive coverage of all the topics covered in a full-year Precalculus course. Its unique unit organization readily allows for semester courses in Trigonometry, Discrete Mathematics, Analytic Geometry, and Algebra and Elementary Functions. Pacing and Chapter Charts for Semester Courses are conveniently located in the Teacher Wraparound Edition.

The lessons develop mathematics using numerous examples, real-world applications, and an engaging narrative. Graphs, diagrams, and illustrations are used throughout to help students visualize concepts. Directions clearly indicate which problems may require the use of a graphing calculator.

I actually like this book. The book basically serves as the basis of a Trig class now often called 'precalculus'. The book does an excellent job covering the topic of Trigonometry. The chapters are clear, and the homework problems are relevant, and allow students to develop the needed skills.

The book starts out with 4 chapters of material that is mostly a review of Algebra II, with some more advanced techniques and harder problems. I do like the review, but in this case, there is too much of it, and it takes too much time before you finally reach the meat of the new material, which are chapters 5 through 7.

If you teach from this book you want to figure out how to expedite your way through the first four chapters so to have plenty of time to fully examine chapters 5 through 7. The book also has excellent chapters on Logarithms, which again should be a review of Algebra II.

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