Thursday, May 16, 2013

College Algebra with Modeling and Visualization 4e, Rockswold

College Algebra with Modeling and Visualization 4th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Gary K. Rockswold teaches algebra in context, answering the question, “Why am I learning this?” By experiencing math through applications, students see how it fits into their lives, and they become motivated to succeed.

Rockswold’s focus on conceptual understanding helps students make connections between the concepts and as a result, students see the bigger picture of math and are prepared for future courses. Hundreds of new examples and exercises have been added throughout the text. Updated or additional real-world data in examples, applications, and chapter and section openers make the text relevant for today’s students.

Each exercise set has been carefully revised to ensure that there are sufficient types of exercises for each example and mathematical concept. Exercise sets are carefully graded with several levels of difficulty. Chapter 1 has been expanded from four sections to five sections. Increasing and decreasing functions, average rate of change, and the difference quotients are discussed in Section 1.5. Circles now appear in Section 1.2 instead of Chapter R.

In Chapter 2, piecewise-linear functions are now discussed earlier in Section 2.1. Complex numbers have been moved to Chapter 3 in a new section. Chapter 4 has been expanded and reorganized from seven to eight sections, making it easier to cover one section per class. Division of polynomials and real zeros of polynomial functions are now in separate sections. Several topics, such as rational functions, have been revised and enhanced.

In Chapter 5 the change of base formula is now presented in Section 5.4, and additional modeling has been included in Section 5.7. The first two sections in Chapter 6 have been reorganized so that systems of equations are discussed in Section 6.1 and systems of inequalities and linear programming are discussed in Section 6.2. Substitution and elimination are both presented in Section 6.1.

In Chapter R, additional problems involving factoring and rational expressions have been included. Getting Started pointers helps students develop an overall problem-solving strategy before they begin writing a detailed solution. These appear in examples that require multistep solutions.

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