Friday, May 17, 2013

Intermediate Algebra 11th Edition by Lial and Hornsby

Intermediate Algebra 11th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Margaret Lial, John Hornsby and Terry McGinnis refined the presentation and exercises throughout the text. The authors continue to provide students and instructors with the best package for learning and teaching support–a book written with student success as its top priority, now with an emphasis on study skills growth and an expanded instructor supplements package.

Lial’s student-friendly examples have been further enhanced in this revision with new pointers from the authors that warn students about common pitfalls. Margin exercises allow students to immediately practice the material covered in the examples before they start the exercise sets. Cautions and Notes warn students about common errors and emphasize important ideas throughout the exposition. These are color-coded for easy reference.

A built-in solutions manual in the back of the text offers solutions for select exercises. Study Skills Activities, integrated throughout the text, can be used in the classroom or assigned as homework to help your students further develop skills such as taking notes, preparing for tests, and creating study cards!

A wealth of exercises allows students to practice, apply, connect, and extend the skills they are learning. Students can watch an instructor work through complete solutions to exercises that are marked with a DVD icon on the Videos on DVD. Extensive end-of-chapter material provides ample opportunities for review.

The Chapter Summary includes Key Terms with definitions and helpful graphics, New Symbols, Test Your Word Power, and a Quick Review of each section's content with additional examples. Real-life applications put math into context while motivating students. Chapter Openers feature real-world applications of mathematics that are relevant to students. Real-world data in over 230 applications in the examples and exercises have been updated.

There is an increased emphasis on the difference between expressions and equations. In particular, we have added exposition and a margin exercise at the beginning of Section 2.1. Throughout the text, we have reformatted many example solutions to use a "drop down" layout in order to further emphasize for students the difference between simplifying expressions and solving equations.

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