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Intermediate Algebra: Concepts & Applications 9e, Bittinger

Intermediate Algebra: Concepts and Applications 8th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Marvin L. Bittinger and David J. Ellenbogen deliver proven pedagogy, guiding students from skills-based math to the concepts-oriented math required for college courses.

The Bittinger five-step problem-solving process (Familiarize, Translate, Carry Out, Check, State) appears with every application problem in the text’s examples. Consistent use of this process enables students to tackle with confidence any new word problem they encounter.

End-of-chapter Study Summaries are now in a two-column format, with a review of concepts in one column and an appropriate example for each concept in the adjacent column. The authors use this Study Summary to highlight the most important concepts and terminology from that chapter for easy reference when test time comes around. Translating for Success problem sets give extra practice with the important "Translate" step of solving word problems. After translating each of ten problems into its appropriate equation or inequality, students are asked to choose from fifteen possible translations, forcing them to comprehend the problem before matching.

Visualizing for Success problem sets ask students to match equations and inequalities with their graphs, allowing them to recognize the important characteristics of the equation and visualize the corresponding attributes of its graph.

The Connecting the Concepts have been completely rewritten to synthesize concepts and invite students to pause and see that they understand the “big picture.” This feature is placed at strategic points in each chapter, with Mixed Review Exercises immediately following, to help students maximize their retention of key concepts. As a result, students understand how concepts from several sections work together at once.

Exercises conclude every example by pointing students to one or more parallel exercises from the corresponding exercise set so that they can immediately reinforce the concepts and skills presented in the examples. Real data in applications, exercises, and “on-the-job” examples helps increase student interest.

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