Monday, June 3, 2013

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science, Gary Haggard

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science PDF Download Ebook. Gary Haggard, John Schlipf and Sue Whitesides offer accessible text that emphasizes the fundamentals of discrete mathematics and its advanced topics. This text shows how to express precise ideas in clear mathematical language. An increasing number of computer scientists from diverse areas are using discrete mathematical structures to explain concepts and problems.

Students discover the importance of discrete mathematics in describing computer science structures and problem solving. They also learn how mastering discrete mathematics will help them develop important reasoning skills that will continue to be useful throughout their careers.

Gary Haggard is Professor of Computer Science at Bucknell University. His research in data structures focuses on the implementation of effective algorithms for computing invariants for large combinatorial structures such as graphs. Dr. Haggard¿s current work is directed towards finding chromatic polynomials of large graphs.

John Schlipf is a Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Cincinnati. His research interests include logic programming and deductive databases, algorithms for satisfiability, computability and complexity, formal verification, and model theory.

Sue Whitesides is Professor of Computer Science at McGill University. She holds a Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin and a Masters from Stanford University. Her research interests lie within combinatorial mathematics and theoretical computer science.

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