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Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory 3rd Edition, Goodaire

Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory 3rd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Edgar G. Goodaire and Michael M. Parmenter make the principles and practices of discrete mathematics as stimulating as possible while presenting comprehensive, rigorous coverage. Examples and exercises integrated throughout each chapter serve to pique reader interest and bring clarity to even the most complex concepts.

Above all, the book is designed to engage today's readers in the interesting, applicable facets of modern mathematics. More than 200 worked examples and problems, as well as over 2500 exercises are included. Full solutions are provided in the back of the book. More than 150 Pauses—short questions inserted at strategic points—are included. Full solutions to Pauses are included at the end of each section.

The most common (negative) criticism of our first edition was the short treatment of logic and the absence of truth tables. This problem has been remedied with Chapter 1 (previously Chapter 0) completely rewritten and expanded significantly to include new sections on truth tables, the algebra of propositions, and logical arguments.

The text now includes more than enough material for instructors who wish to include a substantial unit on formal logic, while continuing to permit a shorter treatment dealing exclusively with the major points and jargon of proofs in mathematics. The second most common complaint—and every student's favorite—was the shortage of answers in the back of the book. In fact, the first edition contained over 500 solved problem. For the second edition, however, this number has been increased to over 800.

Graph theory is the subject of Chapters 9 through 15, and again we find that there is more material here than can be successfully treated in thirty-three lectures. Chapter 13 (Depth-First Search and Applications) can also be omitted without difficulty. In fact, most of the last half of this book is self-contained and can be treated to whatever extent the instructor may desire.

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